uPunch 2 Pack Ribbon/200 Card Combo for Green HN3000 AutoAlign Time Clocks


uPunch Time Card and Ribbon Bundle for Green, HN Series Auto-Align Time Clocks

High-quality time cards and ribbons designed to work seamlessly with your uPunch Time Clock.

Product Details:

  • Save time and money by ordering the nifty uPunch Ribbon/Time Card Combo
  • Order the same green color ribbons and time cards as your green HN3000 uPunch Auto Align Time Clock (some older HN3000 models are gray; order this green combo for your gray HN3000 clock too)
  • Snap ribbons in and out to load and unload easily, and highlight early, late, and on-time punches with black and red ink
  • Capture every punch across six columns with high quality uPunch Time Cards
  • Questions? All uPunch products include lifetime customer support


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Additional information

Weight 1.95 kg
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 4 cm