uPunch is a Workwell Product

Do uPunch time clocks store data?
uPunch time clocks do not store any data; however, you can enter time card data into the cloud-based software where data is stored for the lifetime of the account.
Are contracts required to use the online account?
No contracts are required to use the Standard or Premium online account. You can cancel your account at any time.
What’s the difference between each time clock model?
While both clocks track employee in and out punches, the HN4000 time clock calculates hours worked directly on the time card saving you time, money, and effort.
What is Job Cost Mode?
The Job Cost mode feature, only available on the HN4000, removes all calculations from the time clock and allows employees to punch in all six columns. This is a useful feature for job costing and allows employees to manage multiple jobs using a time card for each separate job.
What is Punch Rounding?
Punch rounding, a feature only available on the HN4000, allows for punches to be rounded to the nearest segment with an indicated cutoff time. For example, you can select the 5 Minute 3 Breakpoint option which means that punches will be rounded to the nearest 5-minute segment with a cutoff time of 3 minutes. This means when an employee punches in at 8:02, the punch will round down to 8:00, but if they punch in at 8:03, the punch will round up to 8:05, which is the next 5-minute segment.
What are the benefits of having an online account?
The uPunch cloud software allows you to log, track, and manage employee time card punches. The online account lets you add departments, add users, handle department transfers, set benefits and accruals, set lunch deductions, set up pay periods, and more! These features are designed to help save you time and money in employee time and attendance management.
What kind of overtime does the HN4000 calculate?
The HN4000 calculates daily overtime.