uPunch is a Workwell Product

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Start making the most of your uPunch time clock.
uPunch time clocks offer the opportunity to enter your time card data into our FREE online cloud software application for advanced time tracking features and export to payroll systems.
Add Employees

Add employees to easily track their time card punches.

Add Departments

Add departments to group employees any way you like.

Time Cards

Quickly enter employee time card data for an entire pay period. Additionally, you can export or email time card data.

Online Help

Contact Customer and Technical Support via Live Chat or use the Online Help Guide directly through your online account.

Pay Period Reports

Run summary and batch reports by pay period, department, and employee.

Daily & Weekly Overtime

Track daily or weekly overtime for your employees.

Department Transfers

Easily allocate employee time in different departments.

Export to Payroll Systems

Generate a report to submit to QuickBooks™*, SurePayroll™, or CSV.

Holiday Settings

Add paid or unpaid holidays, including the ability to associate a paid holiday with a given pay code.

Punch Rounding

Enable punches to be rounded to the nearest selected interval.

Weekend Overtime

Enable overtime for Saturdays or Sundays worked.

All Free Cloud Software Accounts Include These Great Features!
Up to 50
Up to 20
Pay Period Data Retention
Online Help
Daily Overtime
Weekly Overtime
Department Transfers
Export to CSV
Export to QuickBooks and SurePayroll
Holiday Settings
Punch Rounding
Weekend Overtime